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A man who believed he had nothing left to give.

A boy who believed he had no future.

Together they find hope.

When a seasoned cop is forced into retirement, he begins to believe he has nothing left to give, until he meets a teenage boy who believes he has no future. Together, they discover how God gives them both new purpose and hope in life. From the award winning filmmakers at MissionWorx Films, comes a heartwarming story about finding God’s purpose and path, even in the darkest hours. Starring Donnie Hall, Adra Cooper, Jeff Ailshie, Kahlil Abdullah, Xandria Cross, Daryl Hall and AFA Truth Awards winner Callie Dowd.

Mission Giving: MissionWorx is expanding missions giving for The Lion to 50% of profit from each purchase. Those who purchase a dvd of The Lion will be able to choose between San Antonio Youth for Christ Juvenile Justice Ministry, another Youth for Christ chapter of their choice or The Billy Graham Evangelical Association. 



LENGTH: 211 minutes

AWARDS: 2017 AFA Truth Awards PASTOR'S CHOICE WINNER, 2017 AFA Truth Awards for BEST ENSEMBLE, 2017 AFA Truth Awards for BEST ORIGINAL SONG, 2017 The Crossings Writers Festival Winner for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY.

STATUS: Available on DVD


  • DARYL HALL, Writer, Director, Executive Producer
  • JEFF SMITH, Executive Producer
  • ARIEN WESNER, Director of Photography, Producer, Second Unit Director
  • ADRA COOPER, Producer, First Assistant Director
  • SHIRLEY MCDOWELL, Producer, Casting Director
  • CALLIE DOWD, Production Assistant

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