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Supporting God’s Kingdom through Mission Service and Christian film!



MissionWorx Entertainment is committed to a minimum contribution of 10% of each film’s profits to a cause that we believe supports the mission of Christ. Making disciples is our calling and to our understanding that includes serving others while sharing the love and hope found only in Jesus Christ. Below is a list of the causes we give to according to the film assigned.


  • FAT BOYS Samaritan’s Purse

  • THE LION Juvenile Justice Ministry San Antonio Youth for Christ (JJM SAYFC)*

  • WHOM SHALL I SEND? Trenton Street Baptist Church

  • The Journey to Nairobi Various Mentoring Programs

  • ONE RIDE JJM YFC National

  • SAVING ISABELLA Life Choices Center / CareNet

  • RUNNING WITH JACK St Jude’s Hospital

*For The Lion, the default giving destination will be JJM SAYFC, but those who purchase The Lion may choose at the time of check out to designate the giving from the purchase to either JJM SAYFC, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, or the Youth for Christ chapter and ministry area of their choice. Also, for The Lion our mission giving will be 50% of profit on the purchase. 


Film, television, and music make up the front lines in a cultural war for the hearts and minds of a world in need of Jesus. Film can truly be one of the most important tools for Kingdom building in our generation. Despite the importance of Christian film, most faith-based projects are low budget, and thus low production value. Critics and audiences alike have pointed out the poor quality of acting, picture, and audio qualities. Audiences are especially critical of the stories that fail to be original and seem to have little creativity. If we want to reach beyond the walls of the church with the message of Christ through film then we must improve the quality of production and tell stories that draw people into a love for Christ. Here at MissionWorx, we have been blessed, in that despite the low budget of our films, we have received considerable praise and awards for screenwriting. We have also been privileged to witness God use our films among young people. Our first film, Fat Boys, has been passed around to youth groups throughout the Southern United States, a few places in Western Europe, Africa, South Korea, and New Zealand. Unsolicited reports from the showings have indicated over 1,700 decisions for salvation among many other decisions. HOW CAN YOU HELP? Each time you support these productions, you allow the filmmakers to improve and grow in their craft. This will lead to better Christian films with the creativity and quality to reach large audiences, and we hope audiences that need to hear about Jesus. So let us encourage you to aggressively and purposefully support the growth and development of independent Christian films.